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Happy April Fools' Day 2015: Pets Unleashed, Kameleon Kloak and More

As happens every year on April 1, today is April Fools' Day, and readers should be wary of hoaxes and claims at both news and rumor sites. Today also represents Apple's 39th anniversary, with their..
Reported by MacRumours.com 47 minutes ago
Business Insider
59 minutes ago
here's what people don't understand about apple right now, according to citi (aapl)

Here's what people don't understand about Apple right now, according to Citi (AAPL)

Apple analysts are underestimating the company says, Citi analyst Jim Suva. "Apple reports on Monday, April 27, after the market close and we believe the company will beat consensus sales by at..

1 hour ago

Could Apple's iTunes add 75m paying subscribers to music streaming market?

Research firm’s survey of Americans finds 20% say they’d be ‘likely’ to pay $7.99 a month for an iTunes subscription – with Spotify at risk Apple could quickly become the biggest streaming..
Business Insider
2 hours ago
citi: iphone sales are going to blow expectations away — again (aapl)

CITI: iPhone sales are going to blow expectations away — again (AAPL)

Apple's second quarter earnings are coming up on April 27, and analysts at Citi think the company is going to blow away expectations.  Again.  Last quarter, Apple reported a record quarter with..
Digital Trends
3 hours ago
new york times plans ‘one-sentence stories’ for apple watch

New York Times plans ‘one-sentence stories’ for Apple Watch

Rather than loading a full news article onto the Apple Watch, the New York Times is going for "one-sentence stories" where users can get a brief summary before choosing whether to continue reading on..

4 hours ago

Apple announces Chinese iPhone and iPad trade-in program

Apple iPhone and iPad owners living in Greater China are now able visit one of the country's 18 Apple Store locations to trade in their old hardware for store credit, which can subsequently be applied..

5 hours ago

Sunrise Debuts Leather Portfolio for iPad Air

Sunrise Hitek debuts their Leather Portfolio https://www.sunrisehitek.com/product/ipad-business-leather-portfolio now for iPad Air. This portfolio offers excellent protection for iPad Air or 10"..

5 hours ago

Pantomime Playground Apps Introduce Interactive, Networked Consumer Virtual Reality

Pantomime Corporation today announced the first cross-platform networked virtual reality software, the Pantomime Playground apps, available in April for iPads, iPhones and Macs. The apps lets users..

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