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Delay some more, to get it right

When the history of unbearable delay comes to be written, it may well include the woes of long-suffering Apple users. They have an enormous appetite for new products and have been waiting ages since..
Reported by S.China Morning Post 1 hour ago
2 hours ago

Apple Updates App Store Guidelines, Calls Out 'Creepy' Apps for Exclusion

Apple today updated its App Store review guidelines ahead of the launch of iPhone 6 and iOS 8, adding sections for new features such as extensions, HealthKit, HomeKit and TestFlight. Additionally,..

2 hours ago

Apple sets developer rules for HealthKit, HomeKit, TestFlight, and Extensions ahead of iOS 8 launch

Today, Apple has updated its official App Store developers Review Guidelines to outline the requirements for iOS 8 applications that will make use of the new HealthKit, HomeKit, TestFlight, and..

2 hours ago

iPad bought at petrol station was actually a mirror

When a man pulled up at a petrol station in Texas and offered Jalonta Freeman a new $800 iPad for just $200, she should have know it was too good to be true.Instead she thought it was too good to pass..

3 hours ago

Personal Capital Launches Private Client Service

Tech-Enabled Wealth Management for Millionaire Families San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) September 02, 2014 Personal Capital is bringing modern technology to the slow-changing world of investment..

4 hours ago

Hackers Using Law Enforcement Tools to Access iCloud Backups Unprotected by Two-Factor Authentication

Earlier today, Apple issued a press release stating that an iCloud/Find My iPhone breach had not been responsible for the leak of several private celebrity photos over the weekend, instead pointing..

Business Insider
4 hours ago
google offers a very important security feature, and you should enable it right away (goog)

Google Offers A Very Important Security Feature, And You Should Enable It Right Away (GOOG)

Over the weekend, several celebrity accounts were hacked, and nude photos of them were leaked online. There could have been many ways that the hackers might have gained access to the photos,..
Boy Genius Report
6 hours ago

Apple reportedly agrees to iPad mini price cuts to prevent further market share drop

Apple has reportedly agreed to lower the price of its Wi-Fi-only 16GB iPad mini that’s usually priced at $299 in order to counter slower iPad sales this quarter. Digitimes says that the iPad..

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