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Google News vs. Apple News on iOS

Google recently introduced a new Google News app with an entirely updated interface and a range of new features that put it on par with Apple's own News app, including a "For You" recommendation..
Reported by MacRumours.com 2 days ago
How to help protect your kids from ā€˜online luringā€™Business Insider 2 days ago

How to help protect your kids from ā€˜online luringā€™

Keeping your children safe online seems to get more difficult by the day. Children as young as five are getting tablets and smartphones. Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and other apps have..
USATODAY.com 2 days ago

Apple's HomePod speaker is selling, but it's no iPhone, iPad or even Apple Watch sized hit

Apple's HomePod speaker is in 4th place to Amazon, Google and Alibaba, according to research firm Strategy Analytics. This suggests the $349 speaker isn't on its way to becoming an iPhone, iPad or even..
Samsungā€™s cheaper iPad alternative under wrapsWorldNews 2 days ago

Samsungā€™s cheaper iPad alternative under wraps

Apple has been trying to expand its reach into the budget segments of both tablets and smartphones by launching cheaper versions of its iPhones and iPads. The iPhone SE is the entry point to the iPhone..
AppleInsider 2 days ago

iPod design, iPad name borrowed for high-tech Dubai apartment building

A technologically advanced apartment complex in Dubai, opening later this year, was inspired by the design of Apple's iPod, according to its architect.
Macworld 2 days ago

How to play PC games on iPhone or iPad with the Steam Link app: Apple Arcade episode 9

Barely a month ago the idea of playing a game like The Witcher III on your iPhone would have been unthinkable (and indeed, itā€™s so resource-demanding that itā€™s yet to be ported to the Mac). But..
BGR India 2 days ago

Microsoft to challenge Apple iPad with low-cost Surface tablets in second half of 2018: Report

Microsoft is planning to introduce cheaper versions of its Surface tablets in the second half of 2018. The Redmond-based software major is looking to take a shot at the demand for cheaper devices..
BGR India 2 days ago

Apple is expanding its Everyone Can Code initiative to schools with support for students with certain disabilities

Apple is looking to make children take up coding for a young age and to that effect they introduced the Everyone Can Code a while back. This initiative would essentially introduce young students to..

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